SERVImed Industrial is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of ophthalmic medical devices. Its technical staff continuously research and innovate products and devices, in cooperation with academic, clinical and pharmaceutical figures.

Technical patents, groundbreaking protocols and scientific publications testify SERVImed’s involvement in healthcare innovation.

SERVImed Industrial’s eyecare portfolio focuses on the following products:

Corneal Cross-linking

Corneal Cross-linking system (EPI-ON & EPI-OFF)

Corneal Cross-linking

Ophthalmic solution for Corneal Cross-linking (EPI-ON & EPI-OFF)

Eye stain

Vital eye stain in sterile solution, for diagnostic and surgical use

Tear substitute

Ophthalmic substitute for tear dysfunction

Protective ocular lubricant

Drop Defence

Protective, anti-UV/blue light ocular lubricant for AMD and CATARACT prevention.