Eye stains – SOI Newspaper: the review on surface eye stains has been published in the April issue of SOI Newspaper

The latest issue of SOI Newspaper is online, containing a comparative review on surface eye stains, downloadable HERE

Surface eye stain

The review has been curated by Dr. Pasquale Troiano, in collaboration with Dr. Ciro Caruso and Dr. Salvatore Troisi, and is focused on the comparison between different eye stains on the market, with references to their pros, cons and specific indications of use.

The article contains a focus on Riboflavin as surface eye stain: other than the comparison table, you will find some results with staining made by DROPtest, the innovative eye stain, based on Riboflavin, produced by Servimed Industrial, and considered the alternative to fluorescein products on the market.


Using Riboflavin as a surface eye stain

Riboflavin is a stain similar to fluorescein and, used as an eye drop, can provide information similar to double staining with fluorescein and lissamine, being well tolerated, and can be used in Goldmann applanation tonometry, with a comparable fluorescence to traditional surface eye stains.
Riboflavin as an eye stain has many advantages, compared to fluorescein:

– Has a longer persistence time on eye surface, to spot even light junction defects,  tear turnover and black-line presence.
– Stains the whole tear, providing reliable information by studying BUT.
– Can detect epithelial defects in both cornea and conjunctiva, as an alternative to both fluorescein and lissamine staining.
– Can be used in surface evaluation with soft contact lenses, since it provides a transient staining, compard to fluorescein.
– No adverse events or mechanical damage on eye structures.
– Single dose packaging, no preservatives, resealable.
– Comparable price point with fluorescein strips.

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