This website (from now on “Website”) collects some personal information, held and managed for the following purposes.

Information handler
SERVImed srl, Via Tempio del Cielo, 5 00144 Roma.

Type of information
Personal information gathered from this website are: name, email and others. Personal information may be given voluntarily by the user, or collected automatically during the navigation. Possible use of cookies by the website or third parties’ services, where not specified, identifies the user for purposes strictly concerning required services. Disabling those cookies might compromise some services or browsing itself. Collected personal information may refer to both the user and third parties which he provided. The user takes responsibility of third parties’ published or shared data, and states the ability to communicate them, releasing the information handler from any responsibility.

Modality and location of collected data handling

Data managing modes

The manager treats user personal information using the adequate security measures to prevent their unauthorized access, sharing, editing or deleting. Data handling is performed by informatics tools with organizational models for the undercited purposes. In some cases those information might be accessible to third parties (additional technical services providers, hosting provider, informatics companies, communication agencies). The full updated list can always be requested to the manager.
  All data is gathered and handled at the manager’s headquarters, except where differently specified in this document.
 All information is handled for the time necessary to perform required services. The user can always ask for treatment interruption or cancellation.


User information is gathered for: email contact, social applications. Type of collected data for each purpose are indicated in this document’s specific sections. Additional use of this data may require user consent.

Details on personal data treatment and third parties’ services

Contact form (this website)

By filling the form with his/her information, the user consents to their use for information request, quotes or any other nature indicated in it.
Personal collected data: Name, Email.

Social applications

Those services enable the website to gather your profile information and interact with your post. These services are not automatically activated, but work only upon explicit user request.

Trial Defense 

Personal information may be used for website manager’s defense in trial or in its preliminary phases, abuses or connected services.

Specific informatives  

Specific informatives may be presented in the website, concerning particular services or treatments of gathered user data.


Personal user information may be handled with additional purposes, connected to website maintainance.

System log

For its functionality and maintainance, this website and additional third parties’services may gather system logs, files that register interactions – browsing included – and could include personal data, like IP address.

Additional Informations 

Additional information related to data managing can be requested anytime to the information manager.

User rights application

Subjects whose data refers to, have the right to ask anytime to confirm their existence, or eventually integrate or cancel them due to legal infringements. Those requests have to be made to the information manager.

Privacy policy modifications 

Services manager has the right to change this privacy policy, giving notification to the users on this page, thus ensuring the same personal data protection. We encourage you to check this page periodically, using the bottom date as a reference.

Additional general information 

This privacy policy was written autonomously and with full responsibility by the personal data manager, starting for precompiled forms by SERVImed srl and stored in its servers.

Definitions and legal references

Personal information or data

Any information related to an individual, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by referral to any other information, such as personal identifying number.

Browsing data

Personal data gathered automatically by the website, such as: IP addresses, domain names, URI addresses, request time, request method, response file dimension, numerical code of servers’ response status, country of origin, browser and operating system features, time connotations and details on page sequence, informatics parameters and user environment.


The subject using website’s services and products.

Treatment responsable

The person entitled by the company manager to handle personal information.

Treatment manager

The subject who makes the decisions about purposes and modality of data gathering and management, including security profiles and website availability.

Legal references

To European users: this privacy policy was written in compliance to obligations requested by Article 10 of the Directive n° 95/46/CE, and Directive 2002/58/CE, as updated by Directive 2009/136/CE concerning cookies.

This privacy policy is solely related to this website.