SERVImed acts as a Medical Devices distributor, developing agreements with the largest medical manufacturers and providing support to healthcare professionals in diagnosis and patient care.

SERVImed accelerates medical companies’ development in the market, working alongside the manufacturers using the best Sales & Marketing strategies.

With proven track record of new technologies’ introduction and management, SERVImed will contribute to both.


SERVImed is the official BARD distributor for the following product lines:

  • Vascular Access
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • Biopsy Systems
  • Medical division
  • Electrophysiology

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SERVImed is the official Italian distributor of Neuronix’s own NeuroAD , first device in the world for mild and moderate Alzheimer treatment, as an alternative to pharmaceuticals:

  • Slows down Alzheimer’s disease degenerative process
  • Safe and effective
  • Better results compared to traditional pharmaceutical treatments
  • CE marked technology for mild and moderate Alzheimer treatment
  • Certified protocols by international clinical studies, both finished and in progress
  • Measurable cognitive improvement few weeks after the first treatment

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SERVImed is the official distributor for Rome/Lazio of ZOLL, world leader in automatic defibrillators.

Distributed products:

  • AED Pro/AED Plus
  • Serie R
  • Serie E
  • Serie X
  • AutoPulse
  • Original ZOLL electrodes
  • Original ZOLL batteries and consumables

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SERVImed is the official distributor for Rome/Lazio of Body-Jet line from Human Med, world leader in water jet surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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