The “Global Service” is an efficient management model, which offers solutions tailored for the operating room activities to ensure optimal functioning, adequate instrumentation and procurement of all the necessary materials.

The “in service” activity is  designed to  suit every customers’ need, developing and managing ready to use high-tech departments.

Specifically, our Global Service is mainly focused on Healthcare facilities (both public and private) which, in a short amount of time, want to create an efficient new diagnostic/interventional activity.

With the Global Service, fastly and with no initial investments, SERVImed is able to:

  • Understand and define customer needs;
  • Design and create, on specific needs and in compliance with all regulations, all the necessary infrastructures for the new Department
  • Install the required technologies, of world’s leading manufacturers, providing application support, full-risk mainteinance and tech support;
  • By request, integrate activities with medical and paramedical staff;
  • Give the Department adequate supply of all the necessary devices, with a wide range of choice and proper stocks depending on workloads;
  • Manage digital image acquisition on informatics media; 
  • Ensure clinical training of medical and paramedical staff;

If there is a conventionate public or private structure, the reimbursement consists on a percentage quota related to the DRG on the basis of the medical-surgical activity carried out.