DROP defence

Maximum protection.

Against UV and blue light.

  • DROP defence® is a unique, patented ophthalmic solution based on Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin E TPGS, MSM (Methylsulfonilmethane), ammino acids and Hyaluronic acid 0.1%, with protective effect against UV rays and blue light.
  • DROP defence® is a unique Personal Protective Equipment, certified against UV radiation, blue light, artificial light sources and prolonged sun exposure, preventing their damages, like photo-keratitis, photo-keratoconjunctivitis, cataract and AMD.
  • DROP defence® provides the same protection even with wearable contact lenses.


  • Damages caused by ecxessive UV and blue light exposure
  • Children, boys and frequent users of computers, video terminals and television


  • During outdoor activities, that can lead to excessive sun, UV and blue light exposure


  • Ocular diseases that need higher protection against light
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  • DROP defence® has a protective action against UV, blue light, sunlight and artificial light harmful effects.

  • DROP defence® prevents photo-keratitis and photo-keratoconjunctivitis occurrence, due to UV exposure.
  • DROP defence® prevents macular ageing, caused by UV and blue light exposure.

  • DROP defence® is indicated in case of long exposure to computers, video terminals and television.

  • DROP defence® is indicated in case of intense and prolonged UV rays exposure.

  • DROP defence® is indicated for outdoor sports and activities.

  • DROP defence® is indicated for exposures to high UV environments (mountain, sea, tropical areas, etc…).

  • Its application does not affect visual acuity or chromatic perception, and keeps contrast sensibility unchanged.

CE 0373; EP e USP


The combined protective effectiveness of DROP defence® against UV and blue light was evaluated in an in vivo study, showing an highly protective effect against oxidative processes on aqueous humor and crystalline, secondary to UV exposure (with an irradiation of 100 mW/cm2), while protecting the retina against photo-oxidative damage.

Vizzarri F, Palazzo M, Bartollino S, Casamassima D, Parolini B, Troiano P, Caruso C, Costagliola C. Effects of an antioxidant protective topical formulation on eye exposed to ultraviolet-irradiation: a study in rabbit animal model. Physiol Res. 2018 Mar 12.


DROP defence

Massima protezione. Contro UV e luce blu. CE 0373


CE 0373 Vital eye stain in sterile solution. Riboflavin based.


CE 0373 Ophthalmic solution for Corneal Cross-linking


CE 0373 Ophthalmic solution for Corneal Cross-linking