Custom Fast CXL protocol tutorial

Custom fast CXL (cf CXL) is the exclusive corneal cross-linking protocol developed by SERVImed, that can be performed with CF X-LINKER system.

It is a low power, customized EPI-ON treatment, based on an innovative mathematical model that provides effective and fast result in half the time of conventional procedures.

The protocol was developed after ten-year research, using published experimental data, like the discovery of the riboflavin consumption equation and its intra-stromal concentration.

Once the patient topographic data has been inserted, cf CXL algorithm will automatically calculate treatment parameters.

The effectiveness of cf CXL is guaranteed by using our patented solutions RIBOCROSS te and RIBOFAST, the only ones in the market that use Vitamin E TPGS as an enhancer, for maximum penetration even in EPI-ON procedures.

In this video, Professor Leopoldo Spadea (UOC Ophthalmology, Policlinico Umberto I, Rome, Italy) explains the features and passages to properly perform the technique.

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