Vitamina | Cosmeceutica


Cosmeceutics is a branch of cosmetics that researches and develops innovative products: applied locally, they can produce both cosmetic and pharmaceutical effects, without common side effects of the latter. Cosmeceutical products are topically applied: active principles allow an increased penetration up to the inner skin layers, being the answer to the rapidly growing need of effective products based on raw materials and components that avoid common pharmaceutical issues and side effects.

VITAMINA: from corneal cross-linking to cosmeceutics.

Vitamina is a Cosmeceutical cream with anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and depigmentation effects.

The cross-linking action of our patented riboflavin based formulation protects the skin while reducing spots and improving elasticity.
All VITAMINA products contain only natural components: being a cosmeceutical cream, it will act without common drug side effects or complications. The cream is an effective regenerating, stimulating and restructuring cocktail: thanks to the natural elements, your skin will appear rejuvenated, toned, smooth and radiant.

Thanks to its patented formulation, VITAMINA:

  • Creates a protective shield
  • Strengthens collagen fibers
  • Compacts cellular layers
  • Promotes cellular repopulation

With the following advantages

  • Desquamation: -17%
  • Erythema Index: -10%
  • Melanin Index: -15%
  • Skin spots pigmentation: -36%
  • Skin Elasticity: +62%
  • Isotropy: -33%
  • Roughness: -30%
  • Sonia Laneri, Rosaria Santangelo, Antonietta Bernardi, Ciro Caruso, Antonia Sacchi “Sodium Riboflavin Phosphate: a new component in anti-ageing cosmetics” Cosmetic Technology, May-June 2016(19)3. [pdf]